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Os presentamos a Isaura Nogel que también se ha animado a participar en nuestras entrevistas y nosotros super felices de ello!

Otra artesana del macramé que deja su huella en nuestro blog.

Su instagram es @macramemacramaart   y podéis seguir aquí sus pasos y todas sus creaciones.


1. Pequeña biografía / Little biography

Hi everybody!  I’m Isaura and I from Barcelona. I live between Catalunya and Senegal and I love the world of creativity and imagination. I do macramé jewelry and I began a few time ago when I was traveling in South America.
2. Define tu trabajo y tu estilo / What your style and work.
My work is inspired by Senegal’s nature and the beautiful landscapes I normally see. I observe the style of diolas people and I do originals and unique creations with macramé technique.
3. ¿Qué materiales y herramientas usas en tus trabajos? / What kind of materials and tools do you use in your works?
I love to work with waxed thread and I use minerals, stones and fossils like sea shells I found in the most amazing beaches of the world.
4. ¿Cómo aprendiste a elaborar este tipo de artesanía? / How did you learn to make this kind of craft?
Well, I began to see tutorials in youtube… You can find a lot of inspiring tutorials
5. ¿Por qué usas cabujones de piedras semipreciosas en tu trabajo? / Why do you use semiprecious cabochons in your creations?
I think they are magical and unique. I love to work with natural materials and semiprecious stones inspire me.
Know how the stones are, they properties and how you can change with they powerful energy captive me.
6. Tus piedras favoritas / Your favourites stones
I love cryshocolle, amethyst, natural quartz,… I think I can try only one!
7. ¿Piensas que las piedras semipreciosas tienen energía o propiedades esotéricas? / Do you think natural gemstones have energy or esoteric properties?
Of course! In the beginning I’d my doubts. I didn’t know nothing about the gemstones and I thought it was really not important. But with the pass of time, working on it I began to feel something different with gemstones. Sometimes I felt apasionated with a gemstone and sometimes I felt an energy it wasn’t good for me, so I decided to work with some specials gemstones who have a positive reaction in me.
8. Para ti, ¿cuáles son las diferencias más importantes entre un producto artesanal y un producto industrial? / Four you, what are the important differences between an artisanal product and an industrially created product?
They are a lot important differences. I think create an artisanal product it’s better. High quality, made with and objective, made with love and unique and original. It’s better because you know the artisan, and behind the handmade work there is always a dream.
9. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ser artesano? / What do you like most about being an artisan?
It’s a difficult job, a lot of people don’t care about you and they think your work it’s not a real job, but for me it’s a lifestyle. I love my work and I proud of myself working in my little project.
10. ¿Qué cambiarías? / What would you change?
I would to change the opinion of people who prefer industrial things and think they are better because are cheaper. But I think so it’s begin to change this concept.
So patience, love and let’s create!


  Thanks for share with us ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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